Animal Welfare Approved

Proud to be a high welfare, sustainable farming based partnership, Tale Valley Farming have been granted several certifications. But what do they mean? Here is an explanation of each certification, so you know what to look out for and why each one matters.

Issued by A Greener World (AWA),a Partner of Sustainable Food Trust

  • High-quality food from independent family farms
  • No cages, crates or feedlots, only pasture based management
  • No growth promoters, hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics
  • Highest welfare standards from birth through to slaughter
  • Trust and integrity – the only farm label rated ‘highly meaningful’ by consumer reports when it comes to sustainability, animal welfare and outdoors access
  • Transparency and independence – our standards are publicly available and our yearly audits are free for farmers.

Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G)

We are currently certified Organic

Red Tractor

“The Red Tractor logo confirms that our independent assessors have checked food or drink meets our comprehensive standards, from farms to fork.”

Our standards cover the following:

  • Rigorous production standards from farms to pack eg. we don’t allow growth hormones or antibiotic residues in your meat. Just good quality food at its seasonal best!
  • Every stage of the journey is checked. Our systems ensure that all food can be traced right back to the original British farms.
  • We visit every farm and only skilled people are allowed to look after livestock. Our standards mean animals have suitable space, and the right food and water to ensure they’re healthy. Our vets only prescribe medicines when animals are ill.
  • Red Tractor farmers care about the countryside. Their land is their office and their home so they want to look after it! Fertilisers and pesticides are used only when necessary to keep crops healthy and always in a manner that reduces the risk of pollution and impact on wildlife.