Happy sheep, sustainable farming and delicious, healthy food; the three things that we strive to achieve every day, not only for ourselves but for you as well. We’d love to share our journey with you and we hope you find us a source of inspiration, fantastic meat and occasional entertainment!

Jason and Pete

The story so far…


Tale Valley Partnership are proud to raise their sheep with the highest welfare standards available and have been certified as Animal Welfare Approved by AGW.


Greyface Dartmoors are added to the Tale Valley flock. The Dartmoor is a tough breed, with long, curly lustre wool which was traditionally used for blankets, some clipping around the udder may be required to ensure easy access to milk for the newly born lambs.


Kerry Hill ewes are introduced to the flock. These are a bold, strong type with white, dense, high quality wool. Kerry Hills make excellent mothers.


Continued investment and successful breeding continues to grow the flock, who are fed on organic pasture and home made forage only.


Agricultural Consultants Jason Gale and Pete Bowditch establish the Tale Valley Farming Partnership with a small flock of sheep, chosen to be raised using methods as close to nature as possible.

Jason and Pete hope that this will assure their customers that the meat they are buying really has come from a high welfare, truly sustainable farm.

Tale Valley Farming has become renowned for producing top quality grass fed meat and the breeding stock are in demand.